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Training and Skill Development Services (For Job Seekers and Students)

Job Search Coaching Workshop

A behaviour & competency-based workshop designed to meet the needs of job seekers & help enhance their personal effectiveness & gain practical skills resulting in a better career opportunity.

  • Self-Skills Analysis

  • Interview Techniques (Telephonic, Zoom, Face-to-Face)

  • Draft Winning Resumes

  • Personal Decorum & Deportment

  • Application Letters

  • Basic Corporate Etiquettes

  • Effective use of Social Media

  • Basic Email Etiquettes

  • Group Discussion

  • Dealing with Rejection

We have coached & facilitated training for over 2.5K+ professionals in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar

Acing the Personal Interview

You might unknowingly destruct your chances of getting the job that fits your profile because of faulty actions.
We train you to identify those 'wrongful actions' commonly committed during interviews so that you could try to avoid them the next time.

The winning applicant is one who scores highly for confidence, honesty, integrity, personality and credibility…and yes, apart from high level of competence.

Ace the Group Discussion

What do Evaluators look for?

  • Content

  • Practice

How should you prepare?

Career Counselling & Guidance

Note: We are offering discounted fees to express solidarity for those impacted by this pandemic

Mastering Communication Skills

• Understand how your mental attitude affects verbal & non-verbal communication
• Learn how to get your message across clearly
• Improve listening skills
• Encourage a speaker to express clearly what they want to say
• Understand the art of questioning
• Techniques to enhance 2-way communication

Boost Your Job Prospects with Social Media

Searching for a job through social media can be extremely beneficial for jobseekers as they promote engagement and can help them establish their personal brand.
87 per cent of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate candidates | 43 per cent also use Facebook | 3 per cent even look for candidates on Snapchat

  • Build Your Professional Social Profiles

  • Improve Your Social Media Presence

  • Increase Job Opportunities with Networking

  • Search for Job Opportunities

Understanding Employer Expectations and Bridging the Gap
Customised Resume Drafting

Employers hire people not just pieces of paper with degrees stamped on it.

  • Formatted & structured for effectiveness
    - Formatting that will get a recruiter's attention

  • Professionally drafted
    - By experts that know your industry

  • Keyword optimised
    - Your resume will be optimised to appeal to the keen eyes of the Hiring Manager.


Note: We are offering discounted fees to express solidarity for those impacted by this pandemic

Drafting Effective Cover Letters

Participants are coached to draft effective application/ cover letters.
• They are trained on techniques to match transferable skills to job content
• Formulate & draft a letter to the requirements of the position
• Understand the importance of effective language​

Become a Recruiter

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