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Executive Search

Understanding the client’s needs

As soon as we accept an assignment we seek to understand our client’s company - its business-strategy, its operating markets, its organisational and management structure.  We also take cognizance of and appreciate their corporate values and culture, as well as their particular approach to handling human resources. This knowledge goes a long way in helping KPS fulfill the client’s requirements most appropriately.​

Database and Research Strategy

Our extensive and continuously updated computerised database contains details of potential candidates from virtually every significant industry. Apart from that, for each assignment we formulate a unique research strategy that is most suited to help us identify appropriate candidates that match the requisite job description and personality profile. KPS prides itself on its ability to systematically identify target industries and service companies that become privileged sources of qualified candidates.

Direct sources

Kabir has developed extensive contacts within the trade. From amongst them, we have appointed search consultants with key specialisations in different sectors. These further help us in directly identifying and attracting the most appropriate candidates.

Reference checking

Once both client and candidate have, in principle, expressed a mutual interest in working together, we contact references whose inputs augment the client’s assessment of the candidate. This is always done with the consent of the candidate, and often with his/her references.


If need be, we maintain a dialogue with the client and the successful candidate, as long as is requested by the client, so as to assist in ensuring a successful adjustment and integration.

Kabir’s ethics

Kabir operates within a strict code of corporate ethics. All information concerning clients and their business affairs and practices is treated as very strictly confidential. Likewise the information on candidates.

Also, as a matter of consistent practice, no appointee is ever approached so long as he/she remains in the employ of a client.

Kabir pursues and upholds – quality, speed, and integrity.

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