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Samiksha Social Initiative
Taking that extra step...

A Community Responsibility Project by Team Kabir...

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were deprived of education? Or of the basic social support systems – like access to medical help, legal advice, job opportunities?
What if instead of being able to educate your children and give them a better life, you had to worry more about how to give them their next meal?
What if you didn’t even know how to acquire basic documents like a PAN card, driving license, filing of IT returns, Aadhaar card, essential legal or medical guidance?

If such was your existence, how could you even dream of improving your life and that of your family?

A majority of people of our country have a life like that.

At Samiksha we provide advice, guidance, and useful information to people for them to address their legal, healthcare, educational, emotional, and such basic needs.
We also guide them on how to locate and apply for suitable employment, bridge the gap by skilling them to become more employable, get financial/ investment advice.

The leaders of Team Samiksha are professionals and experts from different fields, willing to offer their services free of cost, in the spirit of community service.

Since Samiksha is run entirely by volunteers, the only funds required are for administrative costs. These are met with donations and grants from those who share our vision but are unable to devote time to it.

Samiksha is currently being registered as a public trust with 80G certificate so our donors can gain a tax benefit too.

Samiksha invites professionals from various fields to commit just 60 minutes a week which can change the life of the unfortunates of our society.

Voluntary service restores the world’s faith in humanity by not only benefitting the recipient but also giving deep moral satisfaction to the giver.


We need your support – in the form of time or monetary contribution – so we can jointly fulfil this vision.

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