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Customised and In-house Soft Skills Training (for corporates)

Often, teams do not work well enough in conjunction with each other; this could be due to issues like team leaders not seeing eye-to-eye, misunderstanding of deliverables, mistrust within teams, lack of competencies, etc.
We create working relationships with your organisation in implementing training and development interventions for your staff.

A few of our offerings...

Mastering Communication Skills

  • Understand how your mental attitude affects verbal & non-verbal communication

  • Learn how to get your message across clearly

  • Improve listening skills

  • Encourage a speaker to express clearly what they want to say

  • Understand the art of questioning

  • Techniques to enhance 2-way communication

Effective Email Writing Skills

Emails have emerged as a particularly important channel for written communication. Emails go a long way in talking about the person – his/ her professional skills and sensitivity with other human beings. It is, thus, critical that we know how to use Emails to get the best value of our business dealings and interactions with our professional colleagues.

  • The Structure in Writing Emails in business context

  • The Language in an Email

  • Effective Presentation of emails

  • Etiquette to be portrayed on sending and receiving emails

Enhance your Emotional Quotient

  • Intro to EI

  • Be more Proactive

  • Build Effective Relationships

  • Increases Job Satisfaction

  • Manage Stress and Resolve Conflict

Competency Mapping

  • Identify the gap between 'what I am' & 'what I' aspire to be

  • Get familiarized with generic competencies & various competency models

  • Understand the leadership competence & its importance

  • Get clarity in identifying & mapping individual competencies

  • Identify ways to improve personal competencies

Time Management

  • Significance of managing time

  • Sensitize the participants to interdependencies between goals, processes, work habits, personal vision & personalities with ability to manage time

  • Identify time traps & ways to deal with them

  • Impact of delegation, assertiveness & team mgt on execution of plans

Driving Effective Meetings

  • Positive Meetings; Factors that contribute to a meetings’ success

  • The Meeting Process

  • Roles People Play

  • Meeting Etiquette & the Power of non-verbal communication

  • Face-to-Face Meetings

  • Conference Calls & Videoconferences

  • Assertiveness

  • Tools for preparations

Basic Telephone Etiquettes

The essence of dealing with people, politely and efficiently, over the phone can be boiled down to… Telephone Etiquettes

  • Use effective call greetings as a caller and receiver

  • Practice good telephone techniques and telephone manners

  • Use appropriate language during telephone conversations

  • Speak with an effective telephone voice

  • Use an effective approach to handle special telephone tasks like call transfers, taking messages, callbacks and holds

  • Manage Difficult Calls

  • Project the image of your company in a positive manner

Negotiation Skills

  • ‘Negotiation?’

  • Understand the concept of & variables around Negotiating a Deal whilst delivering value to all parties

  • Prepare for a formal business negotiation

  • Various styles & processes of negotiation

  • Preparing for a negotiation

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