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Nishant Shukla.jpg

Nishant Shukla

VP Human Resources - Hoonartek

Whenever and wherever I have interacted him he is noticeable with his pleasing personality either as a business partner, colleague, alumini or mentor.

Cyrus Contractor.jpg

Cyrus Contractor

Regional HR Ops - Nokia

From what little interaction I have had with Aman till now, I can safely vouch that he is a self motivated person. Ever willing to take up new responsibilities / challenges and lead.His contribution in giving life to the NHRD Pune Chapter is commendable.

Asha Kuncheria.jpg

Asha Kuncheria

Placement Coordinator

I have worked with Aman Sir in the capacity of a Placement Coordinator & it’s my honour to recommend Mr. Aman Rajabali.

At the Institute, he was very particular about the quality of work we (placement coordinators) delivered and he insisted professionalism in all the work he had assigned to us. He pioneered in restructuring our Institutes Placement cell and worked with utmost dedication to churn out good candidates and to place them “at the right places”. The alumni meet conducted during his tenure was highly commendable. The participation number was then best and the Institute launched its magazine on the same occasion, under his guidance. I was lucky enough to work with such a professional in the early days of my career.

Shaheen Maniar.jpg

Shaheen Maniar

Freelance Experiential Trainer-Facilitator Consultant

Aman is a highly dedicated and committed person. I met Aman at a networking event and he immediately made me feel welcome. His personality and camaraderie are very endearing. Don't be fooled by that happy-go-lucky mask! Aman is a thorough professional and adheres to commitments and deadlines. I wish Aman all success in his endeavours.

Vishwanth Joshi.jpg

Dr. Vishwanath Joshi

Chief People Officer – Hexaware Technologies

Aman is a professional and a class apart. His willingness to help buddying professionals by connecting them to the right sources of knowledge and wisdom and following up on their progress and success is a mark of a true coach in Aman. His endless energy and rejuvenating sense of wit makes his friends and colleagues feel at ease. His thought leadership to various professional forums speaks for itself.

Neena Kamal.jpg

Neena Kamal

Founder – One Berry Box

Strategic Leader & Executive Coach

I know Aman as my senior from my college. His organising skills are evident in his work for NHRD. The commitment he has towards the NHRD growth and development is really commendable. Aman is also very popular in the HR fraternity for his contacts. As a recruiter he is very effective because of his networking skills. I have personally been benefitted by his advise and support many a times.
Aman is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who is struggling with professional or personal matters.
He is very well informed of HR market trends and his advise is always well thought. It is great to know Aman in professional and personal capacity. A great friend, wise professional and a shrewd advisor! Wish you all the best Aman!

Prasanna Apte.jpg

Prasanna Apte

Head - Employee Relations, India & South Asia
Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Aman is a seasoned HR professional with admirable balanced expertise in practical functioning of HR operations and sound theories around the same. He is an ethical entrepreneur and a very supportive human being. Enjoyed working with Aman during my NHRDN stint between 2016 and 2019. You are superb Aman!

Raj Karunakaran.jpg

Raj Karunakaran

Global HR Leader - Cargill Business Services

I have known Aman for a number of years now and his knowledge of the recruitment world and level of professionalism always impress. He is highly customer focused and always comes up with the goods due to his expert knowledge and tenacity. He is very well networked and has an extensive range of contacts in a wide spectrum of industries and sectors in India.

Soumi Alphons.jpg

Soumi Alphons

Head, Human Resources - SAS Research & Development

I have known Aman Rajabali as a CEO of Kabir Solutions. My interaction with him has always been in relations to various National HRD seminar that i have attended/devlivered speech in the past. Aman is a fantastic crowd puller - he networks across levels in the industry to always get the best for the events arrnaged by NHRD. He is known in our circle as a great socialite having brilliant poise and maturity to manage variety of situations.

Harsh Kumar.jpg

Harsh Kumar

Managing Partner - M/s A P S & Co.

A Motivator, Mentor, Guide and a True friend ! Thats what Aman Sir has been to me in true sense. He is best at all these. My best learning, working with him is how to handle pressure & perform and balance your life.

Chimany Menon.jpg

Chinmay Menon

Conceptualizer - Niksun Ad World Inc.

I consider myself extremely lucky and privileged for getting the golden opportunity of starting my career with Aman sir at Kabir Profile Solutions as a management trainee. It is Aman sir's polished yet grounded personality and his relentless dedication to serving quality to his clients that left a mark on me. During my tenure, I also couldn’t help but notice the admiration and respect that was bestowed upon him by a constantly growing vast network of top corporate leaders and HR professionals. Apart from being an inspiring coach, he’s also a kind and compassionate leader who positively infects the entire team to feel upbeat and energized.

Neetubala Raina.jpg

Neetubala Raina

Head of Talent Management and L&D - TIAA | ICF Coach, ACC | Writer | Guest Blogger | Artist

Aman is an enterprising leader, a great collaborator and has exemplary networking skills. His contributions towards enabling collaboration and sharing of knowledge via massive Biz/HR Events are well known and quite appreciated. Aman is a very cheerful leader and a warm personality. I wish Aman a fulfilling journey ahead while he continues to make wonderful contributions in the HR and Business space. Rise and Shine Aman!

Yasmin Charania.jpg

Yasmin Charania

Consultant | Facilitator

I have known Aman for over 2 decades. He is a very positive, fun-loving, intelligent and a well-rounded HR professional. Highly compassionate and empathetic, he always extends a helping hand to whoever seeks his support. He is a good mentor and is always available for his mentees 24/7. His zeal to understand and execute projects has always won over hearts whether it is related to NHRD or Kabir Profile Solutions (his HR consulting firm) or any other platform. Wishing Aman the very best in his career!

Ravi Baviskar.jpg

Ravi Baviskar

Lead - Outreach Projects, International Association of Facilitators (IAF) India Chapter

Aman is such a fantastic friend, philosopher and professional that we inspire by his doing. Selflessness is a key characteristic and by choice prefer working behind the scene. For us he is pillar of NHRD Pune chapter. Go to person for any HR professional. With is open to ideas nature, we have benefited several times both at personal and professional level. Thanks!

Rajnish Borah.jpg

Rajnish Borah

Global Learning Leader - WNS Global Services

Calm, composed, business savvy, well networked and result oriented :: These are few words that come to my mind when I think of Aman. Its a pleasure to know a person of such integrity

Kaustubh Joshi.jpg

Kaustubh Joshi

Talent Acquisition CEO - Lear Corp.

From what little interaction I have had with Aman till now, I can safely vouch that he is a self motivated person. Ever willing to take up new responsibilities / challenges and lead.His contribution in giving life to the NHRD Pune Chapter is commendable.

Amit Kaveeshwar.jpg

Amit Kaveeshwar

CEO - Adeptus

Aman has an unique insight into the needs that I had at a certain time when I was looking for a change. He understaood also the requirements of the prospective employer and has since kept in touch with me. He is now first on my friends list when I talk to him regardless of occasions. More than a help, he is friendly, astute and adapting.

Sucheta Ukidve.jpg

Sucheta Ukidve

Head, People Operations - Mindstix Software Labs

Aman has a lovely smile and is critical thinker. You always feel pleased to meet him end number of times.. One can quickly remember him when it comes to Humor, an eye for detail, mentoring, diversity in knowledge and majja ni life. Truly blessed to have you around us as a guide, friend and mentor. There's so much to learn from you…

I had an opportunity to work with Aman during the start of my career and till date, he has been a friend, philosopher, guide - genuine support and the one who would always stand tall and rock-solid in any situation. He is a very dynamic, energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic person. Aman is a very soft-spoken person but knows how to get things done from people. He is a very good leader who leads with his example and sets very high standards for his team. Always ready to take up new challenges. He is a People Manager which means perfect HR, knows his customer needs very well. An excellent HR mentor with diverse HR experience.

Rishi Udeshi.jpg

Rishi Udeshi

Mr. Aman has been my client since the last one year & I would really recommend his work. He is extremely focused. He has taken his business to new levels with his Professional approach & experience. It has been a privilege working with him. I wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

Enterprise Sales Manager - LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Sandeep Gajendragadkar.jpg

Sandeep Gajendragadkar

Associate Partner - Cosmique Consultants

Aman Sir is a core HR professional having great networking and rapport making skills. He is always open to new ideas and approaches. Has a great understanding of situations and acts on them promptly. He is very clear in his approach and understands the importance of working together.
As an HR Professional, he believes in having in-depth discussions which help to enhance knowledge. He is a warm, friendly and supportive individual. I am learning a lot of things under his guidance at National HRD Network.

Binsy Vargherse.jpg

Binsy Varghese

HR and Training - Kaizen Institute SAIN LLP

I have worked with Aman Sir for a NHRD programme as well as interacted with Kabir Profile Solutions. He is a very humble and down to earth person who is extremely passionate about his work. An excellent trainer and mentor, he is never fazed by hardships and ensures success not only for himself but also his team members in the process. His presence in a group ensures there is a smile on everyone’s faces while simultaneously gaining knowledge from him. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

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