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How Indian films have had an effect on the Corporate Culture

India is gearing up to enter an era where it is speculated to become the country with the largest service sector in the world by the coming decade. A large service sector obviously means, big tech tycoons and multinationals landing on the Indian soil and finally, the self-proclaimed mediocre minds who could not get through IITs/IIMs and other top-notch institutes of the nation raise their eyebrows and eyes filled with brimming hopes of their #Ilahi moment.

How sentimental we Indians have always been (if not intolerant) with regard to happenings in our day-to-day chores is nothing new worth considering. It is a blunt truth that we tend to borrow emotions for different occasions from our very own database of gushy-mushy moments, motion films, precisely Indian cinema; which has had its effect on corporate culture as well (no doubts).

Let me try to present the evolution of an arbitrary corporate guy in his corporate life and credo, endorsed by our Indian film industry…

1. Anticipation: Our lead and his tentative better half are both placed in the same company, and are filled with rose-petal dreams. ‘Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar’, ‘Khwabo ke Parindey’ is among a couple of tracks lined up in the couple’s stereo heads.

2. Graduation: Finally the day it is. No more students. No more studies. No need to butter parents for money. We are alive! And they recall ‘Aazadiyaan’ and ‘Geet Mein Dhalte Lafzoo Mein’ from Udaan.

3. Reality check: After a couple of months of working in the firm, the tiring working hours, the overtime, the hectic schedule and the night shift and a quarter later on a refilling Saturday night, the protagonist has his Sanjeev Kumar moment, and tunes in ‘Dil Dhoondta Hai Fir Wahi Fursat ke Raat Din’ on a rain pouring night.

4. The Heart Break: The female lead of our man’s saga turns out to be a Hardy fan and delivers the vulnerable chap a Twist of Fate, falling for that cute Senior Associate, leaving the guy in shambles. This is the time, the office hours are followed by daily sessions with the always enlightening Old Monk and some Mild, Advanced or Regular discourses, and a shady Sallu arrives to placate his #Bhai.

Caution: Use Gudang Garam under expert supervision.

5. The Breach: One fine day, a benched co-fellow appears before the heartbroken, becomes his homie and aids him to break the melancholy, to liberate him for accolades greater than this sucking corporate job, so the void left by the prior, could suffice the latter with a project. Prior finally gets an accomplice, so that the evening bills can get split in two. While returning back to the residency, the cab sings ‘Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan’.

6. The Call: With a decent saving and advanced pay for a month, the once heartbroken and not recovered entrepreneur is up to work for his inaugural venture under #StartUpIndia. Morning alarm wakes him up with ‘Aao Na’ from Haider and his drilling head in the course of a bickering sun, on a burning afternoon tells murmurs ‘Naav’ (Udaan),while ‘Aaya mausam Thande Thande DermiCool Ka’ takes up the transition slot, before the next track.

Being an Indian it is really hard to refrain ourselves from films, though a lot may comply with hating Indian cinema for its too mundane, predictable or inspired plots. And it is harder to deny the fact that Hindi film songs gain a spot in every time slot of our day, irrespective of what we are doing or are about to do, be it a corporate life cycle of an employee or on the verge of a nature’s call.

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