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Chief Finance Officer (Head of F&A)



20+ years


Up to Rs.45/- LPA

Brief Role
  • Plan & contribute to organizational success by minimizing the cost and maximizing the patient's & customer's satisfaction level which is the sole aim of the org.

  • Ensure financial management of business accounting as per statutory requirements & as per accounting standards, compliances of various provisions, reporting monthly MIS & ensuring a secured financial system.

  • Ensure proper accounting entries & release of funds to various vendors, purchases & outsourced agencies.

  • Ensure better corporate governance by complying the latest amendments indirect & indirect taxation formalities.

  • Plan & synchronize all accounting & financial activities to ensure timely closing.

  • Accountable for ensuring the recording of accounting transactions as per accounting principles, standards and also in accordance with the provisions of the related Laws.

  • Advise the mgt for proper investment of surplus funds which maximizes the generation of revenues.

  • Analyse expenses of the org & to ascertain areas of excess expenses & methods to reduce them.

  • Plan & allocate funds out of available surplus for investments on projects, purchase of latest & advanced technologies & for maintaining the installed machinery.

  • Forecast, foresee any emergency & accordingly plan for sources of funds to meet such an emergency situation.

  • Administer over the internal audit system & to authorize the authenticity of the cash & fund flow within the org.

  • Male preferred; Age below 50

About the Company

We are the official representatives of our client to identify suitable candidates for them.
Our client is an award-winning internationally renowned 700-bedded multi-speciality, well-established, reputed, multi-location NABH accredited hospital with more than 3000 employees.

(Further details will be shared during interviews)

How to Apply

Kindly email us your detailed CV in the WORD format along with the following details:

  1. Do you have any location preferences?

  2. What is your current and expected salary package?

  3. What is the type of industry / sector you are looking forward to being associated with?

  4. What is your notice period?

  5. How do you commute to work?

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted immediately for a further rundown on the role & fitment.

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